Whether you are a marketing, design or all-round creative agency, at some point your clients will be in need of display solutions. Here are the top 3 reasons your agency needs a trade printer.

1. No competition for your clients

This reason is perhaps the most important – trade printers only sell to companies who on-sell their products: printers, print brokers, adverting and marketing agencies, graphic designers and other print resellers. Trade printers do not deal with the general public or offer any of the advertised prices or products to retail customers. As such, a trade printer will not compete against your for your own customers (or contact them without your express permission). Trade printers handle your customer relationship with discretion, respect and integrity.

Boxing - fight metaphor for competitive printing business

Dealing with your printer shouldn’t feel like a competition!

2. Better Pricing

A relationship with a print partner means that your agency will be given the best, wholesale prices available. This means that you can add your own mark-up to your customers when you on-sell the products.

3. Blind shipping options

You will likely need to have products shipped directly to your customer, and with a trade printer, your client will receive their product with no identifying information of the trade printer such as name/ logo/branding etc. This is known as blind shipping and is the solution of choice for the print and design trade to ensure continuity with customers.


Trade printers are THE solution for agencies, print suppliers and designers who need a print partner who can discretely and reliably deliver cost-effective products in unbranded packaging. At Smart Displays Australia, we do just that. To start reaping the benefits of a trade-only display provider, create an account with us today and view our growing range of display solutions.

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