If your company is on the lookout to choose a print partner for display products, how can you really be sure your printer deals with resellers only?

We’ve compiled these four questions you should ask yourself when choosing a trade printer.

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1: Are they selling products or services to retail?

Some printers will offer reseller accounts to trade customers – however, they also offer the same accounts for the general public, often with little to no change in price. An inspection on their website will reveal what their order process is and who they allow to purchase their products.

2: Do they screen customers? 

A trade printer will state their requirements for account holders, such as requiring a business application to be completed before orders can be placed or bought online.

3. Do their testimonials /reviews come from re-sellers?

Have a look at the customer testimonials or reviews on their website, social media and Google. Are any of the reviews from what looks like retail customers? A trade only printer should only have reviews and testimonials that are from trade – printers, agencies, designers etc.

Call to find out if your trade only printer is who they say they are!

Call to find out if your trade only printer is who they say they are!

4. Can they pass the test?

The test is simple: send through an email enquiry or make a phone call pretending to be a retail customer. If they are willing to sell to you – you have your answer!


At Smart Displays Australia, we only deal with genuine trade /re-sellers of our products, and we require an approved account before orders are placed. To create an account, simply fill out our account request form and we will get back to you within 4 business hours.

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